Emotions, Writing and ADHD

Emotions are strong with me; I either feel 1000% or 0%. When talking with someone or getting the feelings after time processing what I’ve been told, I know that it’s something I can’t necessarily change, but I find it very frustrating and annoying to deal with. I am a cautious person when making the majority of choices, but there’s some that dont need a second thought. It’s how I got my laptop (worth the price and use of), most of the clothes and the hobbies I’ve picked up; it’s not always a bad thing, but its something that makes me question why I get the surge of emotions that aren’t regularly there or if they are its a much smaller amount.  

I go through highs and lows, I get a serotonin boost when I write, and during the hobbies, I’ve picked up and then switch them out every so often, so I dont get bored and lose the interest I have in something. Writing seems to be the one thing I have yet to lose the serotonin boost with after writing for well since 2020, really since I’ve put more effort and time into the blog. The blog has come a long way since I first started it in the summer of 2019, I now have 67 followers over 100 posts, and it’s steadily growing. 

I write what is sitting in my head and has been processed, what emotions are at the front of the line and most prominent at the time. I’ve gotten into a habit of writing each night as im winding down for the day and processing all of the things bouncing through the brain.  I enjoy it as it helps me to get the words out, and something on TV or in conversation could get words flowing. My writing process is quite unique, but it works, so thats what counts; I can get words out easier when im listening/watching a show/movie I’ve already seen and or enjoyed.

Anywho im off for the day, my words are starting to get backwards haha. I hope your day is wonderful and you’re staying safe! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Pexels from Pixabay


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