Games and ADHD

So I love games, board games, video games, card games. They are entertaining, learning experiences and brings people together. I tend to play games that are take your time like animal crossing, secret cat forest, emoji blitz, solitaire, hey color, coloring luna, April coloring, parkour race, paper mario: the Oragami king and mario kart racing to name my most played games. 

I go through phases of what I like to play and they usually depend on who im around. If it’s just me I like to play one on one games like animal crossing, solitaire, paper mario, secret cat forest and some others. If there are 1 or more people around Scrabble, Bananagrams, and a few other 2 person games are good. When there’s three or more I think sorry, monopoly, mario kart, scrabble, cards against humanity (so many add ons), apples to apples, and there’s so many other games I can’t think of right now.

If I have kids id like to do a game night where we play some kind of game(s), have popcorn, maybe pizza or something easy to eat, I think it would be fun to just bond and have fun and just be a family. I play a few games with some friends too, I stopped playing scrabble online, but that one was enjoyable to play! I still have flappy bird, and it’s pretty testing at times, but I play that every so often; I feel it keeps me young, getting irrationally angry at an annoying bird on my phone. 

I really like word games; I played those alot when I was at the bus stop or on the bus, break or needed a distraction.   Games like word escape, word connect, scrabble, words with friends, Alphabear 2, word crush, wordscapes search, word cookies, Word crack (1 & 2), and there’s probably more as well. I tried wheel of fortune, but I wasn’t a fan of the app itself; it drained my battery, was slow, and my phone was so hot it almost burned my hand, and I just got bored of pats jokes (some are good, but I feel like they’ve been recycled). 

Some games have too many ads or ask you to buy more than you necessarily need. Im picky about games; I like some for a bit, then they are deleted cause I get bored or I realise that I dont like some parts of the game. 

Thats all I really have for today, im off to work on some embroidery WIP (works in progress); I hope your day is lovely, and you and yours are safe!  

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay


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