Im Not Sure What To Call This …

I’ve been thinking of changing my career, but im unsure of what id like to do. I could do trades; however, math isn’t my strong suit and im not the most coordinated, so there would most likely be more injuries than work done. I’m tech-savvy enough to get by, but not enough to fix or repair them as of now. Digital art (logos and such) are something I can do but im not super skilled. I’ve given a go at it, and it’s not something id like to do for a living. Marketing is the same skill level currently. I did think about starting up a small business and selling items I’ve crocheted/embroidered; however, however im not quite comfortable with that yet, and I want to feel prepared for it as much as possible. 

I like helping people, teaching them how to do stuff on a cellphone, laptop or tablet. I have given thought to maybe teaching English or tutoring it; the teaching of it requires a bachelor degree and some specialisation in something close to the topic, then going a bit further (it could take six years all in all). 

Im having, I guess, an existential crisis because I feel like im not doing anything; I know im doing something (working at the store and making an impression as I go), but I dont feel satisfied by it fully. I feel like there’s something missing, and I dont know if it’s something work-wise, personal or mental; maybe I need a pet(?). Regardless I feel like some things just not quite right, and im trying to find that missing piece as it’s a little funky going around without it.

I like writing and being creative; it helps me make sense of things around me and makes me clear the negative thoughts and feelings going through the brain. I would be pretty content writing the rest of my life however, I feel like that may not be an affordable job alone, so I want to do something I will enjoy thats not going to make me hate everything (if I dont love doing a job I’ll just be miserable and it won’t go well for me or anyone else).

 I’ll figure out what’s missing, but for now, I’ll be off, and I hope your day is going well! Im going to be taking a break from the blog from January 15th (after this post is up) to the 20th. See you on the 21st! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by LauraTara from Pixabay


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