Random Thoughts Of The Week

This past week was a bit of a whirlwind; I started it feeling a bit off and unsure of the week while change and unexpected things come up, it’s not bad. Im a routine person, so I try to do some of the same things in the morning and evening, so I can get the best sleep and whatnot, its harder for me to handle some changes. Still, I can deal with it as long as I have a flexible idea of what to expect from whatever the situation. It’s been a good week sleep-wise, I’ve been exhausted from being in customer service mode when I come home and im ready to go to bed by nine, and I fall asleep much quicker than I have the last month or so as well. Being an introverted person doesn’t help that either; I get more energy around some people (mainly family members and good friends). Even if im quiet, I will almost absorb the conversation and memories to look back on when im sitting writing in my journal before bed. 

Besides work, two packages I’ve been waiting for about a month for (a nail kit and a keyboard cover) came in; I almost forgot I ordered them. The cover is this cute light pinkish/purple ombre to a cream colour; I got some thread wrapped under one of my keys, then while cleaning something up, I got a short needle under one and figured id rather have some barrier between anything I drop and my laptop. The nail kit is where you make your fake nails; I decided to get it cause I’ve been picking at my nails more. The glue on nails didn’t stick with me too long as im a little too rough on them, I guess, and if they become loose, I will pick at them (same as if my nail polish starts chipping). 

During work this week, I had a few moments of surprise;

The podcast Lore is also a show (its a really well-done podcast),

Your support people are wonderful, and you should tell them that.

Coffee is a necessity, no if and or buts!

When you least expect it, technology will stop working (rip my Chromecast).

Food is lovey and makes 99.9% of all moods better.

Some of the surprises I knew already, some I became more aware of since I haven’t had to wake up for an early morning shift for enough time. Im not a morning person by any means; I did enjoy seeing the sunrise as I looked out to see what the weather was like. The purples, oranges, and all the other colours were worth getting up that early. However, I do enjoy sleeping in and not waking up at a time when the sun has not yet risen. 

I plan to do little things around the house this weekend, catch up on some shows, write, craft, and some Animal Crossing. I got a Chromecast to replace mine, so I have to get that set up, and I think ill enjoy the rest of the spiderman movies, maybe or some more Midsomer Murders. Im not sure yet what will happen this weekend, but im going to enjoy my time. 

Saturday was lovely; it was a quiet start to the day, and it was absolutely lovely! I did some laundry, got the Chromecast setup, had dinner with the fam for Daisy’s birthday, and spent some time with Gran before ending the day. I started on season 10 of my rewatch of Midsomer Murders, im remembering more of the episodes as they come, and my favourite DS is back (Jones) with DCI Tom Barnaby solving cases. Im very much enjoying it, and im happy to be rewatching and looking forward to the newer season 21/22 once I get caught up. I may end the night with Encanto, but im not sure yet. 

Im writing for a job I’ve applied to as well, and thats going slowly as im finding it hard to sit down after work and to write something like that. Now the blog posts are typically short and sweet; Something to (hopefully) bring a smile and entertain while on a break or in-between meetings. And gives me a way to get my thoughts out clearly, even if it’s something I couldn’t say out loud.  

The blog has grown a good amount since 2019, and im proud of the work thats gone into it; using mock posts, I can get out things that are negative and not good to keep inside. It’s been great to keep me sane throughout the pandemic and find new hobbies and out of my comfort zone. My comfort zone is growing, and im more open to many different things and views as I’ve learned and explored new things, im by far from perfect, but im getting to be a more healthier and beginning to feel like im turning into more of a person id be friends with. 

I spent Sunday finishing the laundry started Saturday, doing some writing, playing with a puppy, planning out what id like to do for my craft side hustle and some cleaning. It’s been a lovely week all in all, and it’s been a good week. Im off for the day; I hope everyone is staying safe, enjoying their day and has a lovely week! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by Prettysleepy from Pixabay


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