Animal Crossing and Pleasant Feelings

I feel bad for my islanders; I’ve been neglecting it as I’ve been crafting and writing more in the last bit. I went back yesterday to find everything as I left it and a few surprises as well! I found a few more flowers, my pumpkin patches are thriving, the islanders are happy, and my camper is happy. The shocks were that my island had a horrendous amount of weeds, some confusion from them as I haven’t been playing in three months or so, with a lot of shells around (more than the usual amount).  My Island feels very relaxing, and it’s a slow process, so I can sit and pick pumpkins to my heart’s content, I’d like to get K.K Slider, but that will come when it does. 

I haven’t fully decided what I’d like to do with my island style-wise; there are many options and themes you can do; Instagram, Google, and the game itself give you ideas. Im aiming for ironwood furniture and fixtures and a cheerful yet calm house.  I have cozy bonfires, an open area for gathering, a kids play area and some cozy entertainment. It’s more of a relaxing farm over some islands, and it has quite the vibe of a hobby farm. 

I cycle through interests, and every time I go back, it’s such a pleasant surprise and makes me feel as if im walking into a library and seeing the book you came for. It’s such a nice feeling and makes me feel like im being welcomed back when everyone asks how im doing and where I have been. 

Speaking of, im off to play some animal crossing and relax, it’s been a bit of a week. I hope you and yours are doing ok and you have a lovely weekend!!

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Memed_Nurrohmad from Pixabay


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