I Just … Im Conflicted

On the past weekend (well, now two weekends, I started this last monday), the truckers and protestors were jamming up the downtown core, blocking access to public transport, interrupting people trying to get to work, go grocery shopping, get to appointments, among other things. Some may be peaceful, but that doesn’t take away from the harassment of citizens, desecration of public property, the non-stop noise, places shutting down as no one can get to them among more than I have yet to hear of. 

As im writing this, it’s been ten or eleven days; people have shut down businesses because of diesel fumes, harassment and more. It’s a very interesting scene from what I can find online; I believe they are arresting people now or making it illegal to help anyone protesting, so hopefully, that takes the pressure off the people and business. I’ve seen the videos people are posting of the noise that the horns are causing, and my gosh, it’s pretty disruptive, and I can see why people say it’s torturous. 

I used to live in Ottawa, it was often an interesting experience for me going downtown, and I only did when I had a reason to. It’s a city, so in general, it’s loud and somewhat crowded depending on where you go. With the usual shenanigans, it’s enough to entertain, distract and make memories of the visit. Having people honking consistently, driving around, blocking access to where you need to go, harassing others wearing a mask and following the government’s guidelines, people being rude to those just trying to get through the pandemic isn’t the way to make good memories of the visit or living.  

From conversations I’ve had with family, comments from people stopping by the store, and overhearing conversations unintentionally; Everyone is tired of the pandemic. We would all like things to go back to normal, but it will probably never be as it was. I can see us wearing masks, not going to work or out when sick, and not wasting time on things that don’t mean something to them. 

Thats all I really have for today; I’ve written this several times and rewrote it because I can’t find the best way to get out the words I’d like to say. I do support free speech, but I dont support harassment, causing harm physically/mentally/emotionally, being an asshole to people, being racist, essentially being a garbage human being. This is a bit more serious than usual, but I do hope everyone is having a lovely day and staying safe! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by donations welcome from Pixabay


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