Where Do You Read From?

One of my favourite things to do when im sitting at night while watching tv is to see where people are reading the blog. As I haven’t been anywhere the last twoish years with the pandemic going on, it’s like a bit of a tour to see where I’ve travelled in a sense. 

It varies each day, but these are the ones ive seen today; Canada, United States, India, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Denmark, Spain, China, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Bulgaria, France, and Romania. Thats only this year so far; I like looking back to see where the map lights up at the end of the year (the more views you get, the darker it gets). It looks a bit like a kaleidoscope. 

In 2021 the blog was showing up in; Canada, United States, India, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, China, Romania, Ecuador, Australia, Spain, France, Nepal, Morocco, Denmark, South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Russia, Israel, Philippines, Germany, Ukraine, Japan, Portugal, Ghana, Brazil, Ireland, and  Guadeloupe. 

In 2020 the blog showed up in; China, Canada, United States, France, India, United Kingdom, Sweden, Indonesia, Nepal, Australia, Portugal, Ireland, Russia, Netherlands, Pakistan and Germany. And in 2019; Canada, United States, China, France, United Kingdom, Kenya, and India.  

I haven’t had a chance to travel as it’s well not the best time to travel, and im not sure where to start once I feel ready. Writing this blog has given me the opportunity to travel beyond what I can currently, and im very grateful to be able to do this; I hope each post I make will either bring a smile or maybe help someone experience something new (music, books, any other hobby I write about). 

Im not sure how to end this one, but I will be off for the day; I hope all is well, and you and yours are safe and happy! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by Yuri_B from Pixabay


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