Following Serotonin Part 2?

So it’s been a bit of a depressive slump from late December to last week (always annoying but usually happens around this time). Because of this, I’ve been following the serotonin as it comes; it led to some interesting activities and some surprises. 

Sketching/Drawing; digital drawing is not my ideal form of drawing, but it’s something I have some basic skill at. Ive been sketching more on paper (it feels better somehow), and ive dabbled drawing with ink, and I like it. Today I sketched a picture I found online; I dont know who drew it first, but it looked really cool, and I wanted to see if I could get close, and while it’s not perfect, I did pretty good. The eyes are a little too big, the mouth not quite as I feel it should be but im pretty happy with the outcome. 

Crocheting; I go through periods where I really love to crochet, and ive noticed it brings me more serotonin when im thinking through a big life decision, it’s cold out, or im feeling more anxious. It helps to unravel thoughts as im making my stitches into the project. 

Reading a paperback or hardcover book; I love a good ebook, but if I see a notification come in, I have to check it, so it’s counterintuitive to me reading and taking a break from my phone and/or people. Im not a huge talker all the time, im pretty quiet, and in the past, people have forgotten im in the room with them because I was so focused on the book that I was as still (and quiet) as a statue. It’s soothing and exhilarating to read; it feels like a brain vacation when doing so (closest I can get to taking my brain out and having peace). 

Embroidery/Painting; with both of these activities, I lead emotion first, so it tends to be more impulsive and go based on how im feeling and what’s going on in the brain. 

Some others worthy of mention are colouring, playing whatever music is bringing the most joy at the time (Money by Lisa is one of them) to do whatever task I dont particularly feel like doing, puzzles, researching things id like to have in the future and saving it to a list so when the time comes to buy them it’s all there, Dyeing hair and watching movies in chronological order while doing any of thee above. 

Im watching the Superbowl game while typing this, and let me tell you, I dont understand football; I am cheering for Cincinnati Bengals. However, I dont understand the game rules, and I just cheer when they get the ball through the end post and the touchdowns. 

Thats all I have for today’s post; I hope all is well and everyone is staying safe! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by donations welcome from Pixabay


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