Masks must be worn as described and shown here; how to properly wear a face mask—covering the nose, mouth and chin. It has now been two years of the pandemic, after countless signs, people showing how to wear a mask and various people in stores reminding you of this. Young children can grasp the concept of a mask at the age of three; if a grown-ass adult can’t grasp that concept, Im losing sympathy and patience for that. I will remind you politely and friendly if you were to walk into the store, I would say something like, “Im sorry, it’s the policy of the public health to wear the mask above the nose. I know it’s not comfortable, but its part of what we can do to help keep our community safe.” and if they were to get mad thats going to be on them. 

I deal with the public; I dont know if you are vaccinated or not; I just hope that everyone else has respect for those in the community; to wear a mask and follow the guidelines recommended by the area. Every day I step into the store, I hope to hell no one comes in with any symptoms of any cold, flu, bronchitis, anything that requires rest and staying home because it’s contagious. I never minded dealing with sick people, but I always gave a bit of space and cleaned afterwards to eliminate any transfer of said sickness, hopefully. 

This is more of a rant because, after an extended period, people are still forgetting to wear a mask, complaining (which is understandable to some degree), and wanting this pandemic to be over. This pandemic won’t be over because we stop wearing masks, open things up because the normal is being missed, and want to gather in larger groups. 

I dont like the pandemic, I miss seeing my family in the big reunions, I want to give hugs to people not in my circle, and I want to go back to how things were; nothing will be how it was before 2019/2020, and we have to be prepared for that. As the saying goes, it’s time to suck it up and deal with the changes as they come.   

Pandemics and other events have happened before, and we as a group have adapted to those, and we still use and have changed for the better as the tech advances. Im frustrated writing this, I understand others are as well, but there are better ways than lashing out at people doing our jobs and just trying to survive this. 

Im off, im hoping you are having a wonderful day and staying safe. 

Till Next Time, 


P.S The next post will be more upbeat than this.

P.S If a store employee is asking you to fix your mask, just do it and don’t get angry at them for doing their job. They probably don’t want to wear the mask either.

Main Image by André Santana AndreMS from Pixabay


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