Music To Relax Too

In the past two weeks, ive been looking for some new music to listen to, and the vibe ive been going for is relaxing and calm.  Ive found these artists, now some I already knew but found some songs I haven’t heard before. 

Yoga Lin (Presenting Yoga Lin)

I like me Better – Lauv 

Eric Nam – Honestly 

Jackson Wang – Bullet to the Heart

Celtic Thunder

Taylor Swift – Evermore

Bridgerton Official Playlist

Cozy Acoustic

100% Alec Benjamin

Morning chill

Chill Vibes

Celtic/Slavic/Viking (Folk)

The artists put the skill’s, time, emotions, and everything else into music. As im writing, this BTS dropped a new album (Forever), which is good to relax too! 

I dont really have much else to say as of right now, so ill be off; I hope your day is delightful and staying safe and cozy!

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by Vinzent Weinbeer from Pixabay 

P.S. There is other music for relaxing however that’s just what I’ve been listening to as of late or as much as I can remember as of writing this.


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