Boosters and Feeling Overwhelmed

Today was an exciting day. I got my booster shot today (so happy), had an iced coffee, ate some mac and cheese for breakfast and had a spicy sub for supper. 

It was a quiet day; I woke up, did the usual morning routine and got to whatever I did earlier. I spent the first portion of the day eating, folding laundry, doing a bit of yoga/weight lifting, then spent the latter half putting away the laundry, getting the booster shot, eating a sub and now watching Reacher with gran. 

Over the last two weeks, ive been feeling better in general, however, there’s been a little bit of an overwhelming feeling remaining, and it comes and goes like a wave. When it’s hitting me, I tend to keep quiet craft more as it’s a way to ease it without interacting with social media or overwhelming myself more than needs be. When it’s lower, I will do what im doing now and write it out as it comes; words are not always my forte, so I sometimes work to get words out (which is exhausting). 

With everything going on in my head, the seemingly unending pandemic (im happy we are keeping safe as we can, but im getting tired of it), and trying to think of my future, it’s been a bit of chaos. Journaling has helped keep the darkness and clutter at bay, and this blog has helped me by letting me share my thoughts, feelings and interests. It keeps me feeling like im not sitting here feeling alone, which im not. I have a sound support system and people around to talk with should it be needed. Sometimes I just feel blue, and I dont have the words to describe the feeling, and this helps to balance it. It’s the little things throughout the day that bring happiness and light into darker things.

This post is feeling a bit heavy, so im going to be off. I hope your day is going well and you and yours are safe. 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay 

P.S. Apparently, my aunt went to school with Currie Graham (Kliner Sr in Reacher), which is cool; you learn something new every day.


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