Ink and Paper

I have three drafts of this post, and each one is ok; however, I dont feel satisfied, so I thought id write it again. So here goes;

I love the sounds of a pen on paper, showing the story of whatever you are creating, whether writing, drawing, or painting. Quiet mornings where the only sounds are the scratching of a pen on paper or brush on paper, birds chirping, and coffee being drank are something to take in every so often. I find the mornings where it’s starting to get colder in the fall/winter are the best times for this; fall is the most beautiful time for this to happen as it has the reds, oranges, yellows and some green shades, and it has a wonderful smell. 

The joy of ink and paper creations, showing the start to finish of the work, whether it be a drawing, paper, story, etc. It’s satisfying to look at something that started as a random thought and grew into whatever it’s become; it’s like watching a flower bloom or cheering on an animal in a documentary running from a predator. 

Showing off work completed is sometimes like running from a predator, the nerves and hoping people like your work (even if you’re confident that they will). Overall it’s amazing and feels delightful, especially doing something that will be shown to people or even just writing for yourself, I practice my cursive for the sole purpose of writing in my journal, and so I can read notes or do family history. There’s something about cursive that just looks fancy to me, im not sure why but I feel like im rich whenever im practising it or writing a note for myself, it’s the little things.

I think I will be off for the day; I hope you are having a phenomenal day and you get a wonderful surprise! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by Anja-#pray for ukraine# #helping hands# stop the war from Pixabay


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