Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream and Seasons

So you can buy many types of ice cream and customise as well depending on where you get it. We made a pumpkin pie ice cream with graham cracker crumbles, and it is just amazing; it’s not as sweet as you’d think either, considering there’s molasses and some sugar in it. It’s less soft serve now than it was yesterday, but it’s worth every single bite, and I found a few recipes for dairy-free alternatives, and they look just as good and maybe something to try in the future. 

Springs starting to come around here, the rain is starting to get more common and hopefully, the snow won’t last here much longer. Im not a massive fan of snow, winter, or any cold weather, really; I love staying in during the winter watching it fall, but I dont like it for any other reason. My preferred seasons are Spring and Fall; it’s the perfect temperatures for comfy cozy clothes, more expressions of style and less bulky outerwear. Also, time to make sure to wear sunscreen as the sun is out longer (i think everyone should wear it every day as skin is your biggest organ) and getting stronger each day little by little. 

The stores are promoting more spring/summer friendly clothes, having sales on things they are predicting will be popular. It looks pretty tiny in some stores, but they have something for all types, which is nice! 

Ill off for the day; I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your week! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by Kevin Sanderson from Pixabay 


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