Podcasts and Conversations

Ive been in a podcast mood, and ive been using Phil Defranco for my news and he has a podcast where he speaks with a variety of people and ive been using them as a background to do other things. The podcast is called A Conversation With, and my favourites are KallmeKris, Markiplier, SimplyNailogical, Jacksepticeye, Rhett and Link, Linz Defranco (i love his wife, she’s just so amazing), and there’s more im forgetting. 

The conversations seem natural and flow to match the person being interviewed, and it brings more of a vibe where you are in the room watching a conversation happen. I am a reserved person by nature, and im generally quiet, I want to ask people questions, but I also dont like to interrupt people doing their work and such. Part of this is I dont know how to talk to people I dont know; I like to learn how they interact so I can have an idea of how to approach them, which is not the ideal way to interact for the first time. 

The conversations help me to hear the flow and how to talk to people, and I feel a little ashamed that I dont know how to talk to people, but in a recent conversation, I was told some things from when I was younger that make a good deal of sense why I have difficulty connecting with people initially. 

Anywho im not sure where else to go with this post, so im going to be off for the day; I just wanted to share the podcast cause Phil lets them talk and, for the most part, take the lead and it’s always a good listen. I hope you have a wonderful day! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by Mauro Segura from Pixabay


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