Job Searching

In my search for a job, it does feel like im rolling a stone up a hill and feeling like getting somewhere then realising I haven’t made progress at all, so I figured I’d share some of the things ive done to make the experience less annoying and stressful. This may not help everyone, and you’re welcome to adjust as you see fit or ignore these altogether. 

So into the tips! 

1) Music- Music to match the mood you want to convey in the application questions and/or conversations with managers. 

2) Taking breaks – I stress out alot when searching, so breaks are lovely and good for the brain; It’s good for sleep; yes, some things are required, but real-world skills may get you the job, and there’s no harm in trying for something you may not be too sure about. 

3) Keep in mind that you will find a way no matter the outcome, and you can’t let that hold you back. 

These may not be the best things, but this is what I have been telling myself between applying and overthinking everything I send out (working on that) while waiting for the emails and everything to come back. I have a fair amount of notifications coming from book Twitter so im checking for the emails, calls or texts even from people for job interviews. I missed one because it got sent to spam, and I felt horrible for the people, but it looks like they hired someone as the ad is no longer up; things happen, though, and you have to roll with it. 

Thats all I have for today, I know the tips are basic, but I forget to tell myself this as I feel like im letting myself down at the end of the day because I am trying my hardest to do something, and it’s on the other people now. I have a hard time with some things out of my control, but this is helping me to let go of things I dont have to worry about. 

I’ll be off for the day; I hope your having a wonderful time and enjoying some sunshine while it’s around today (it’s nice and sunny here as im finishing this up).  

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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