Music That Moves Me Part 5?

In the past two posts I’ve mentione I’ve been walking more and using that time to listen to some favourites and new jams. It’s been an eclectic collection this month so far; it’s a mix of stuff I grew up with and things I just found putting music on shuffle. I love the shuffle feature; it brings newer artists, some oldies and some ive never heard of, and I love it. Music is constantly playing in the background in my head; it keeps me company while writing, cleaning, working, anything im doing. It’s pretty interesting sometimes and some strange songs that are not being shared with people, but I will bop along to them, anyways, on to the music!

In no particular order; 


August D (Suga of BTS) – Full discography

Jackson Wang – Lost and Found (they are all good!!) 

Max – Blueberry Eyes with Suga

Khelani – Distraction

Jay Park – Everything You Wanted (all of the songs are so good!)

5S0S – Complete Mess

Stray Kids –  ODDINARY 

Ed Sheeran 

Erin Nam – Honestly 

Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine full discography


Presenting Stray Kids

Presenting Alec Benjamin

Presenting Yoga Lin

Bridgerton Official Playlist

Sweater Weather Country 

Rainy Days Mood 

Country Chill

Besides 96.7 Yes FM, 101.1 FM and some random country radio stations google pick’s for me, thats all ive been listening to the last month or so. I feel like im forgetting some of the artists, but I will update if I remember who it is im forgetting.  I dont have much words flowing now, so im going to end it here; I hope you’re having a lovely day! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

P.S I’ve lost track of how much music posts I’ve made so I’m probably going to mcgyver the numbers beyond the title.

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