I haven’t been at a laundromat for quite a while, and it’s a charming place! 

The owners are generally lovely people and very welcoming once you step in the door, and the place seems to have a universal smell (laundry soap, clean clothes, meadows and mint) while changing size, the number of machines and space for people. 

The local laundromat here is bigger than most ive seen, cleaner than most, and very welcoming. It’s run by a gentleman who reminds me of the grandpa from Annabelles Wish, I haven’t seen that movie in a good while, but that character stuck out to me when I did see it. 

This place feels like it’s a good meet-cute location; there’s something about the charm, atmosphere, and general mood once you step in. The story I’ve been working on has stalled, so I think I may add in a laundromat and see where it goes cause everyone needs clothes, and it’s a neutral place to spring more ideas and plot points. 

Im sitting here writing this in my notebook as im waiting for my laundry to wash. I was annoyed earlier in the day when I saw that the machine in the build was out of order, but im quite happy that it happened, im people watching while thinking of words I want to use and relaxing while things take their time. 

Now I came in my stay home and be cozy clothes cause I needed to do laundry, so I do look more not really put together, my hair is still wet and looks a little shaggy, I look and am tired (i spilt my coffee transferring clothes and things to the car), and im came in not really in a people mood. The coffee I picked up tastes better here than it does in the car or at home, and the ambience is helping me wake up and relax; the laundromat seems to have taken my issues and shoved them outside of the door and (even after leaving) cleaned them out of my mind. 

This is the first time ive written out in public (not counting when I wrote before/on break at work), as I didn’t really start writing seriously for the blog till the pandemic hit, and it’s quite lovely! The words are flowing with little issues, people minding their own as they go about their business; im taking people-watching breaks to clear my mind between words; it’s a 10/10 experience so far.  

I thought about manifesting a meet-cute with someone, but I feel like fate has plans for me and will let me know when they feel like it. So I thought about bringing my things that are bigger and easier to wash here and bringing my laptop and typing away and maybe getting over my writer’s block for the story; I just need to make sure I dont get sucked into the story and do my laundry at the same time. Either way, I feel like something’s going to happen with the story and my life when it’s the right time, and I just gotta do what I feel like/need to do till that time. 

Im not sure where the post is going now, so im off for the day and im going to leave you with the thought of a laundromat meet-cute and I hope you’re having a wonderful day! 

Till Next Time, 

Main Image by Rebecca Varney from Pixabay


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