Wins Of The Week

So Ive been doing some training for a job I had an interview for last Thursday/Friday and im going to be starting on monday and im quite excited! Between that, spring cleaning (of walls and things), laundry, walking and all the other stuff I’ve forgotten that ive done, it’s been an eventful week. Im typing up a post I wrote while waiting for my clothes to wash up at the laundry mat, and it’s a cute one; it’ll be shared next or maybe before this. 

So into my wins of the week! My wins are; 

🌟I got my training done, and I start a job next week!

🌟Ive been drinking less caffeine, and im noticing that I am a bit more focused and sleep better (which is lovely!).

🌟My sinuses are raging as it’s been warmer then real chilly lately (as well as pollens and things releasing cause spring), but a humidifier, Vicks and mint tea are helping to get rid of that issue.

🌟Ive been cooking more and have tried some amazing food that I would have never thought to make (HelloFresh and MacGyvering what’s in the fridge/cupboards)

🌟I found the newest book in my favourite series (J.D Robbs In Death Series), Abandoned In Death, and I happy danced in public.

🌟I tried Gluten-Free Oreos, and they aren’t bad. They taste essentially the same, with a bit more of an aftertaste with something I can’t quite place. I do prefer the golden Oreos, though, or birthday cake ones as they taste like Dunkaroos, which I didn’t have a lot as a kid, so it’s a very clear memory of taste. 

🌟birkenstocks (the cheaper knockoff versions) are something I live in while im home, and im quite excited to be able to wear them out in public again once it’s warm enough. Everyone should have a pair, and they can go with many different things! I do need to get a newer pair soon as im wearing out the ball of my foot goes, but my sandals lasted about 2-3 years and cost less than $30, so well worth the price.

🌟Mindless TV is wonderful background noise, like “is it cake?”, “Forged in Fire” and “American Pickers”, among some others I cant think of currently. 

🌟People watching is a delightful thing, and I didn’t think I would miss it as much as I did. 

Thats all I really have for this post today; I hope your day is lovely and you are having a wonderful weekend! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by Christina Chiz from Pixabay 

P.S Look how cute and happy the dog is; it makes me want a dog.


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