Testing and ADHD

I was going through a bin the other day, and I found all of my records from schooling that showed IEPs (Individual Education Plan), Assessments, Therapy records and my paperwork saying that I had to ADD inattentive (when I was six or so) and my Report diagnosing me with ADHD inattentive. 

I ended up staying up till about 11 or so going through the paperwork cause I dont remember doing the therapy, extra work, and testing when I was pretty young. I remember the people helping me and the computers, some of the systems set up for me in the school, but I never thought anything of it. When I was young, I was on a very specific diet and looking back now; it was specifically designed to help people with ADHD and ADD (no sugar, among other things I can’t think of right now); I never thought of it as something that helped me to keep focus and in better health.  

When I started college, I didn’t eat as I did at home, partially because I was shopping for myself, and I got what fit my budget and would be easy to pack for a day of classes from 6 am to 9 or 10 pm on average. It took my professor pointedly asking me if I had ADHD about three months into the first semester of college, and I remember saying not that I know of, cause I was told, but either wasn’t paying attention or I didn’t think it was necessary to remember (it could be something else too but who knows). My professor sent a recommendation to the Students with Disabilities Centre at the college, and I talked with someone; then I saw a psychologist, and I was told afterwards that I had ADHD Innatentive, and it was mild (still doesn’t feel mild, but that a story for another day). Shortly after that, I tried medication for the first time, and it was an interesting experience. I first tried Concerta, which left me feeling dizzy, with headaches, and nauseous; it made a difference in my work and people around me found a big difference in how I was. The second one I tried was Adderall XR, which I was on for longer, and it made me feel much worse, but it was working for school, so I remember pushing through the brain fog, headaches, dizziness, nauseous, loss of appetite, and I feel like there was something else, but I dont remember it. 

The meds worked for me, but I didn’t like being in my body and not being able to control how my brain felt, how tired I was, and the anxiety and depression that hit hard when I was in public and at home. I haven’t been on meds since then, and ive been debating trying maybe some of the same again or something I never tried before as I know they helped, but the side effects are long, and im unsure of where to start, ive been eating similar to how I did when I was a child and ive noticed a slight change in my focus and I have more energy (im not sure if its the food but its something I noticed). I think im going to try to keep to certain foods and limit sugar, among other things and im using several tips and tricks to help me focus and not forget things. 

I know some meds work, and some dont and our bodies change as we age, so im thinking it’s something to try along with vitamins and the food plan. Part of me wants to start with Concerta and go down the list; I just have a fear that im going not to feel hungry and get to a place where I dont want to eat and have it trigger my eating disorder which ive gotten back under control after two years of it being so/so. 

Im not sure how to end this, so im going to end it here with a question. If you have ADHD and take meds, what do you take, and how are you finding it? If you stopped, what did you take and if you feel comfortable, why did you stop?

Im off for the day; I hope your day’s doing well and your week is delightful! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Bessi from Pixabay 

P.s. I stumbled upon a page with tests here from psychology today and did the Extroversion test and got higher than I thought I would (49/100).


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