Reviewing Victoria’s Secret Angels and Demons

I was bored recently and decided to put something that looked meh on in the background, and Victoria’s Secret Angels and Demons caught my eye, so I put it on. It’s something I remember well from ads, and I remember my dad had a bras club card with them from how much he went to get bras and things with us (my sisters and myself). It was a big thing in school to say you have a victorias secret bra or some kind of merchandise from there or pink or any of the more prominent popular brands at the time. 

It starts at the beginning when it started and about the older store and who took over and turned it into what it is now; by the end, it goes through the highs, lows and issues connected to Epstein and all the things related to that. It was a little shocking but not surprising by part of what came out as ive heard/seen little things that hinted at something more happening behind the scenes, and then the hurrah with Epstein exploding just made sense (i hope that makes sense).

I have had body image issues since I can remember. It just made sense that the ads and things being promoted with a specific body type that didn’t look like mine definitely helped with that. Now the younger generation does have a more diverse body type to see more of, and hopefully, it will help those growing up to feel like everyone is different and it’s ok to be different.

It’s a good watch; it does bring up a few questions, and it is something I will be watching again as it’s intriguing and has something to take away with each watch. 

I hope your day is going well; im off for the day, and I wish you a lovely day!   

Till Next Time,



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