Looking Back

I woke up to a call from my old boss this morning, and he was asking me if I was interested in getting my old job back. This was the job I had before moving back home, where I got to see so many people and experience a lot of new things; I loved the job im still debating if it’s worth moving to the city again and the hustle and bustle of city life would be mine again. Now I dont hate the city, but it feels too much at times, and I enjoy not having to worry as much about catching the bus, having headphones with me at all times and missing the people ive made connections with where I am now. 

The job is on a smaller scale than my current job is now. The only difference is it would be with serving the guests that come into the company and the folks in the company. My current job serves everyone, it’s always different, and you never know who you will be serving next which is exciting and brings a welcome change. I do miss the people from the previous job, they became friends, and I miss the morning conversations, the coffee orders, the jokes, and I even have the shirts/bag from when I was there. They made me feel at home even when I wasn’t really part of the company but someone they hired under someone else to work independently.  

I’ve made a family with the people I work with now, and while I dont have the leniency and free reign that I did with some of my other jobs, this one is making me happier as its something I can leave at work and not worry about what’s happening and be in charge of others (while it’s nice I like not having added pressure). I dont think im going to take the job back, it was an excellent opportunity, and I learned a lot which ive applied to my jobs since, and it helped me to get to where I am now; while it’s not where I pictured myself but im happy with where I am. 

Im not sure where to end this, so ill end it with this; your job doesn’t determine where you will go, it’s a stepping stone to help you get to a point where you have what you need, and you can do what you like in your time.  

I hope you’re having a lovely day and enjoying some time for yourself! 

Till Next Time, 


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