A Review of The Awakening (The Dragon Heart Legacy Book 1) by Nora Roberts

I thought I read the majority of Nora Roberts books; however, I was surprised to find a new book that ive yet to read. It starts slow but paints a beautiful picture of the story and how it changes throughout the chapters. Breen is a wonderful character, and as I read, I felt everything she felt as it happened, and I was glued to the book. I finished the book and immediately wanted to start the trilogy’s second book; however, I also needed sleep, so that didn’t happen. 

I love Nora Roberts, ive read as many books as I can get my hands on; I love the style and the way she describes things, and I have yet to read a book by her that I could not finish. There’s only one book that I had to sit and take a break from reading (Brotherhood in death). I feel like I will be on my deathbed and tell people to read her work. 

Ive yet to start the second of the trilogy; however, I will once I get some things done so I can take time to enjoy the story and have everything done for tomorrow. Anywho all of this to say, the book is a wonderful read, and I highly recommend reading it if you like Ireland, Lore, romance, adventure, and finding one’s self. 

Thats all I really have for today’s post, i hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy a good book today! 

Till Next Time, 


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