Writing and ??

I’ve been having many ideas for what to write while im working (and not able to write things down) or when im sleeping/just waking up and lose the idea as soon as I try to write it down. I dont really know what to share as I feel like some is a repeat of the things ive already said or updates of it, which is not a bad thing, but I want to give you, my dear reader, something to brighten and lift your day or provide you with something new you may not have experienced. 

The experience is varied as ive spent the last few months primarily working, with little adventures thrown in here or there. I mean, the most adventurous ive been the last few weeks has been picking up things I need, trimming teddy so hes not uncomfortable, walking the pup and talking to friends/neighbours. I did go for a hike a month ago, give or take, which was excellent, and I had some good views and a lovely time, but I haven’t taken the time when off to do that as I’ve been catching up on the little things ive been putting off because of time or energy. Work is essential, but so is the time spent outside of work, and finding the balance is more challenging than expected right now; it’s like trying to find the time between getting a balanced sleep, eating and making sure im good for work the following day. 

Now, thats not to say I haven’t been doing things I enjoy; ive been drawing, reading and doing other things that aren’t on a device for the most part. Im prepping for Christmas as it tends to come faster than expected every year, and I like to have things to give to the people in my life that won’t break the bank and show that they are meaningful without being too simple/impracticle. Im not a super social person, so I need to have some time after work/socializing to decompress and process/clear out the space/energy left from the interactions of the day. 

This week ive been lucky to have two days off, one day working and two more days off, so I was able to spread out the errands, necessities, fun and relaxing between the four days and make sure im setting myself up for the next round of shifts so life will be a bit easier with whatever life has decided to throw my way during the stretch of shifts. Ive been able to do everything above as well as some little things I dont think about like a moisturising hair mask, a facemask, redo my budget, get the next week and a bit somewhat sorted out, find a project that is useful and creative, and get some things that weren’t previously organized sorted.  

Im going to be bringing a notebook with me to work so I can write down ideas I have on my break or before/after my shift so I don’t lose them. My birthday is coming up, and it’s making me think back on where I was and how life has changed, what I like, what i dont like, how I can change those things and where I need help to change some things. It’s not something I feel comfortable asking anyone for, partially cause I feel like I, as an adult, should be able to do everything because I am capable of learning so many things but ive learned that because im capable of learning something doesn’t mean it’s bad to ask for help. I come from a family of people who either can ask for help easily, or they have to go to great lengths to be able to ask for help (from what ive seen/heard). Im trying to be better and to undo the things ive either taught myself or learn them in a healthier way (mentally/emotionally). The change is somewhat slow, but it’s making a difference, im better in some ways, and I see where I went wrong in some past decisions/situations and see where others who were involved in some of those situations went wrong and how it could have changed by various means. 

I initially started this with the prompt of “what do my readers want to see?” and “how can I entertain people while sticking to the authentic me?”, Im still unsure where I can go and what would entertain so if you made it this far down let me know what you enjoy seeing and if there’s anything you think id enjoy. 

Im off to cuddle the pup, maybe do my nails and enjoy some off-device time. I hope you’re having a wonderful day and that your week has some wonderful surprises! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by M. Maggs from Pixabay


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