Turkey Soup and Rainy Days

As it’s Autumn and it’s getting into the cozy sweater weather, cooler rains and the transition that never lasts as long as I hope it will, I thought id share a recipe. 

For this, you will need: 

One package of Turkey, 

Half an onion

A bulb of garlic

About a tablespoon of powdered Broth (i used msg-free chicken broth)




Dried shitake mushrooms

Enoki mushrooms sliced

Cayenne pepper to taste

Black pepper to taste

About a cup of rice 


First, add the onions, garlic bulb and a small spray of oil to a pot. Stirring occasionally, add chopped shitake mushrooms, celery, radishes, potatoes, enoki, broth powder, mix for a few minutes, add 3 cups water, give or take, and let simmer. I then added ground turkey and rice and let it simmer for about an hour or so (i forgot the length of time) and occasionally stir until you feel like it’s done and enjoy! I added extra water and Broth as I saw it wise, as it didn’t look right to me, so keep that in mind should you follow it; it’s simple and easy to edit to your preferences. 

Now I should say im not one to really measure; I use recipes as a guide more than anything, so it never really turns out how it should (or it turns out better); I come from a family who likes to macgyver the recipe to personal preference. I started this yesterday, and I finished it shortly after waking up today, and it’s amazing, ive eaten two bowls (currently on the second bowl as im writing this.), and I made more than I intended to, so it should last two days (after today’s lunch∕supper). 

As it was simmering, I finished the cleaning, laundry (folding and putting away the last load and the current load done), washed dishes, went through some clothes, cleaned teddys cage out and got him some treats along with fresh food and water, and played with the dog. It’s been a busy but slow day; I have all the windows open, letting the fresh air in and all you can smell is the fresh air, my maple syrup candle, and the soup. It’s a lovely mix and adds to the energy the day has been so far; it’s a delightfully relaxing day where I just did what was needed and was comfortable all day. I have my things for tomorrow prepped as I have an early shift. I like to be as ready for the next day as I can be, I do need to get something for breakfast ready, but I may treat myself and get breakfast on my way to work as its monday (the day this post will be posted) and monday mornings drag a wee bit sometimes. 

Im pretty impressed with how this weekend has gone, I went out on friday after work to run some errands, and I got my nails done (nothing crazy, simple and easy to handle as I still have to work), picked up some stuff for the house and some little things for Christmas (never too early to start). I may have slept in the last two mornings more than id like to sleep in (im more apt to do things the first few hours im awake but can drink caffeine past noon), but ive caught up on sleep; I dont get as much while working. Ive found a few things to replace items that need to be replaced while not breaking my budget (woohoo!) and keeping me under what id like⁄need to keep under, its been exciting and im enjoying my downtime now with this delightful folk station playing in the background as I write this and have been listening to all day. I think it’s something id like to listen to again; it’s chill, relaxing, absentminded singalong music with a nice rhythm. Im doing alot of walking, too, so im trying to strengthen my legs while home and not doing as many steps as I would when working, so ive been walking with weights on my ankles and working in some little stretches while cleaning and moving in general, my legs are starting to feel like they would on a day I worked so I may do that when im home from now on to stop any discomfort from under doing movement while off work. 

Thats all I have for today; im going to spend the rest of the day relaxing and maybe convincing someone to play a board game with me. I hope you all have a delightful start to the week!

Till Next Time,


Main Image by 2738129 from Pixabay


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