Christmas Prep and Strawberry Mochi

It’s been a few days since I last wrote; I tried to sit down the other day, but the words weren’t flowing, so I did something else. I got some sketches for some projects I want to do done, im pretty proud of them, it’s still different from what I was leaning towards, but it’s closer than I thought id get to it. 

Wee pup has been in love with the snow since it’s been sticking, and he gets a good run around the dog park and by the building, and I only had one faceplant when he was so excited to see a friend outside when we were going out. He tried to frog jump into some harder snow, and it was entertaining, he finds his fun out there, and we always meet someone new on every adventure we take. 

Wee pup has been supervising my gift-making and been getting me to take breaks between crafting and laundry, hes a good dog for that but its rather hard for me to focus when im trying to do fine details in paint, but im getting better at not making a mistake when I got a puppy being a puppy nearby. He loves to supervise painting, but I dont think hes quite sure why I do it, but hes learning not to push my hand when painting, so thats a good start. 

I got most of the Christmas prep done; however, I need to get everything touched up and put into the sections for the right people, I have a few days off, so I hope to do that among cleaning, general household things and trying to take some time to relax and breath basically. Im working before and after Christmas day, so im trying to make it as easy on my mental health and for general things as possible cause I dont have the best feelings around Christmas. I have my reasons, and ive accepted them, but it’s still a wee bit harder around Christmas; since wee man is around, it’s been a bit easier to get into the spirit, but it’s still a battle sometimes. I love spending time with my family, eating good food and just talking for hours; we are all going in our directions, so it’s nice to be all together. 

Food is life, I picked up strawberry mochi with ice cream inside today, and it’s so dang good. I highly recommend it if you have yet to try it, ive tried caramel, vanilla and another flavour as well, but I can’t remember it currently. Not too sweet, cold, and delicious, and it hits all the right spots; it’s made with rice flour, and it’s gluten-free as well, which, if true, that’s a delightful thing! 

Im off to sleep, so I will pick this up tomorrow. It’s the next day, and Im sitting with the wee pup beside me on his blanket, and I found a solution to focus while keeping an ear open for a wee pup to cause mischief; it’s listening to something ive already read/heard, so thats been helpful. 

I have the majority of the work done now, so im going to finish a few and add the final touches, then add the smaller things and cards to each one. Me and Wee pup are on Act 20 of The Sandman as im doing this, and I am very much enjoying the work and hes enjoying the story, I think. 

Im off for the day; I hope your days going lovely! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay 


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