Potato Biscuits, Dog Park Fun and more.

It’s been a few days since I last sat down and tried to write. I just got off a long shift run, and I took my time waking up today; I did some of the cleanings I needed to get done, got some cuddles from the wee pup, and did some self-care before taking the wee pup to the dog park to run his energy off. 

I tried to make gnocchi yesterday, and I followed a recipe that said to peep the potatoes, and it made it too moist for me to use for gnocchi, but I did end up making spicy, cheesy potato biscuits. They are a bit denser than I expected but packed with flavour and delicious. I added some fried leeks to them, with habanero mozzarella, garlic powder, ground chilli peppers, and powdered onion. I baked them at 350 for about 30 minutes, so they are crispy on the bottom but perfectly soft/hard on the top. 

While cleaning, I started listening to a song I had stuck in my head most of the week from a TikTok posted on Instagram, Until I found you by Stephen  Sanchez, it’s a smooth song with a calm relaxing vibe, so to speak, from it. It’s a good song; I highly recommend listening to it; the voice is just like butter on toast. 

The last nine days have been eventful, im enjoying the two days off. I have to do some cleaning, writing, playing with the pup and try to finish some Christmas gifts/cards as its getting closer and im trying to be prepared instead of panic finishing once it gets closer, especially since I dont know what all the plans are and when things are happening for the most part. Christmas isn’t my favourite time of year, but it does let me celebrate my family and those I consider family.  

In the spirit of the season, I tried to do a minimalist manicure; it didn’t turn out very well, so I painted my entire nail and did some small designs on the thumbs. Thats all the spirit I have currently, but I will have more closer to Christmas. 

I started this yesterday, and I don’t know how to finish this, so I’m going to end it on this note. I hope you have a lovely week and have a pleasant surprise happen this week! 

Till Next Time,


Main  Image by congerdesign from Pixabay 


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