Business Prompts, Snow Storms and A General Life update

I got the prompt “come up with a crazy business idea”, and I got it the day of my grandfather’s wake. I didn’t really do anything about it cause my brain was just not in the right place, so I thought it over. It took a few tries; some other ideas were an ironing business – for anything that usually needs ironing and something else I already deleted cause I didn’t like it but ended up thinking of one id like to see. A business that specialises in switching up what you read, so say you usually read a romance – with whatever variety you’d like to add to it, and you would leave with a dark, suspenseful thriller with a wee bit of romance and mystery thrown in. There is something like this in libraries; most ive been to have a list of types you would like if you read a specific author or a list of what is similar but different if you wanted to shake it up a bit; I liked the idea of talking to a person who is probably a bookworm helping others find books to read. It could also be expanded to include games (physical board/card games to system games), movies or anything of the like too. 

Snow Storms are annoying as hell, they make for a decent time if you dont have to leave the house (mostly), but we are getting one currently. It was strange sitting in a work meeting and hearing thunder and seeing lightning go when it’s the middle of winter, and there’s snow falling at the same time. Granted, the meeting was one mostly repeating some stuff we hear daily and some new stuff some may not know cause they aren’t there when management is as much; it was nice to see everyone, and we got paid to be there, but the entire time I was thinking about food and what I was going to write about. I came home, ate supper, did some little things, and decided to sit down and write this up while listening to Mint and Wee Boy play Fortnite (entertaining, and the dog even watches); it was grounding after today. 

Im still touch and go with some emotions, but it’s starting to feel more of my everyday.  I finished The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, Narrated by Tom Mison, and it was a decent story; Tom has a lovely voice, making the story more entertaining. Ive been listening to Stray Kids alot on my way to or from work with a bit more country thrown in; three other side projects ive been working on have been finished too, which is lovely (crocheting projects, some for people, some not). It’s going to take a bit to feel fully happy, but with the right people and im enjoying the phone calls from Cinaed; he even surprised me with a surprise work visit which made my day so much better the other day! We talk at least once a week in general, but I hold on to them more now; I do talk about my day, and he knows most of the work shenanigans and drama thats happening (more than I initially thought would be there), the people I work with know what he looks like and if they see him coming in they will now tell me if I dont spot him before they do. 

Anywho, im not sure where to go from here, so im going to end this here. I hope your day is cozy and wonderful! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash


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