My Creations

I have yet to learn to toot my own horn and tend to feel a bit shy to share what I make, but within the last year, ive decided to work on getting past that, so I decided to share my craft Instagram, where I share all of my creations. I’m a bit slow with some designs as it takes time, and I make stuff when im off or need to relax after a long day. 

It’s been a long week so far; it’s only been three days (counting Monday), and it feels like seven, so I decided to make a short and sweet post to brighten my day and, hopefully, someone else’s. 

So on to the rest of the post! My crafting Instagram is  madebymegeri (link here), and I have been actively working on projects to share as it’s such a relief emotionally to create something while getting whatever is stuck in my head out. 

Thats all this post is; I dont have anything else popping out here, so im off for the day; I hope you’re all having a lovely day! 

Till Next Time, 


Main image by me


One response to “My Creations”

  1. I just clicked the link to check out your insta and wow! You’ve made such pretty and colorful things 🥰 I love embroidery and crochet, too! (though crochet I need much much more practice in)


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