Prompt 10

Write about your first computer.

It was the family computer; it was clunky, made the glorious sounds of dial-up internet, and you had to disconnect if there was a phone call going out I dont know if we had a call waiting. I mostly played in the games that came on windows, used paint and cereal box games (scooby doo and carmen Sandiego comes to mind). I love the idea of them now, but I remember it being slow and taking a good amount of time to get things going.

My first laptop was this large rectangle that I was so stocked to get cause I never had my own computer before, I shared it with my sister for some of her assignments when I was staying at home for part of college before I moved out, but I was pretty proud of the fact I was able to carry it around with me. I could go to the library without bringing USBs with my projects!

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