Im Not Sure What To Call This

I have several posts written up from friday to today, and as much as I like them, they dont fit into my current mood. It was a good weekend; I had it off, so I used the time to do some essential and fun things.  I took myself out for dinner, which was nice; I went to Montanas, had some nachos and lemonade, and did some writing; it was a nice change from writing at home. 

Wee Man was here, and we played a bunch of games, ran some errands, learned a few things and had a lovely time. Im also taking a class on the science of well-being, and it’s been nice to sit and go through ways to rewire the brain, to bring more happiness into your life. It’s still pretty happy, but I wanted to learn how to stop the negative from taking over, ive done some therapy, and it helped to keep the more negative at bay. 

I dont have much else to say, I plan to type up the ones written, and they will have little easter eggs from this with more details. I hope you’re having a lovely day; it’s starting to get colourful and spring-like; I hope you enjoy some of it! 

Till Next Time, 


Main image by Me


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