Im Not Sure What To Call This

Im writing this the same days as I wrote some little things im grateful for (linked here), and it will include some of the same things, just in more context. I had some thoughts I couldn’t fit into the previous post, and it’s more mush mangos (thank you, DJ, for introducing me to that) than anything. 

My Grandmother … let’s call her Sunflower; when she was alive, would follow routines, and on Sundays, she would do her nails while having her morning smoke and coffee. So I followed her tradition and decided to do my nails nothing crazy, just clear on my fingers and a red/pink colour dots … I forget what the word for it is but it’s a nice subtle colour for a pedicure.  

I made a mishmash lunch for the three of us and prepped some stuff for supper. It’s been a relaxing day with some gaming, chats with Cinaed, and me doing some writing and commentary on the games. Besides that, it’s been a weekend of sketching, general house stuff, yoga, weight lifting, cuddling, watching The Mitchells vs Machines and relaxing. 

… I started this 3 or so days ago now, its been a bit of a rough start at work, it has been feeling like groundhog day every day so far, but I have some days off happening soon, so I will hopefully be able to shake off the monday vibes I can’t seem to avoid. 

Ive pierced my nose for fun, and it’s looking good; I had one before, but it came out somehow in my sleep. So thats new; other than that, it’s been quiet, and im rather excited to sleep in relatively soon. 

Thats all I got for today; I hope you’re doing well and your week isn’t feeling like groundhog day. 

Till Next Time, 

Main Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash


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