Thoughts from My Break

I am sitting alone back here taking my break and I have some thoughts.

It’s easy to tell who hasn’t worked customer service, and those who have.

Nothing will go your way on most days, and you will have people yell at you for any reason, no matter how good you do your job.

The people you work with are all going through things you may or may not know about and it can affect how they are at work (the same goes for you or me), everyone’s human and some days are just harder to go through.

Be prepared for the angry folks to come and get mad at you for an order from another location or an earlier interaction (some places don’t do this, but ours does) to be fixed.

Don’t take anything a customer says personally, as they are more than likely getting whatever they are pissed about out on the closest thing to them.

If you have the people, go take a little break if needed if someone really pissed you off or you’re really overwhelmed.

Leave all the shit at work, don’t bring home the issues, questions, worry’s. You need to have a break from work, and that’s what your time off is.

I started this last year sometime and thought it was a good time to get this cleared out of my drafts. It’s all things I stand by to this day, and there are a few I could add but I dont want to think about work right now so im going to end it here with this; dont be a dick unless someone is being a dick to you and if you are trying to get free shit for the sake of it you will end up getting some kinda karma backatcha in the end.

Till Next Time,


Main Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

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