The Latest Round of Good Reads


The Demons Darling Daughter. Stella:The Lost Star. Flirting with the Villans Dad. Revenge on the Real One.


Arpeggio on The Surface of the Sea. I Raised a Black Dragon. Forget-Me-Not Romance. Under The Oak Tree. Semantic Error.


Tori and Samuel. Bev’s Boredom. My Giant Nerd Boyfriend. Midnight Poppy Land. Denounce. The Remarriage Contract.

I wanted to write something light and happy so I thought I’d share my current reads. I wrote this on mobile so it may be a little off from how I normally write, and the grammar may be a wee funky.

I hope you’re having a lovely day and if you’re a reader you can get some time to enjoy a good story with the nice weather today!

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Me


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