Annoyed Thoughts and Cleaning

I woke up feeling blah; I pulled some older clothes on and made some tea/breakfast. It was a strange feeling, but I got somewhat past it after cleaning and taking a hot shower. I decided a change of scenery was needed, and I wanted to wear some makeup, so I got dressed and played with the pup a bit between putting makeup on and putting stuff together to head out. I walked the wee pup before I left, and he (the pup) wasn’t too happy I was going, but he didn’t mind when I gave him his toy to keep him entertained and put on Hudson and Rex for him.  

Im took the bus here, and it was a nice trip; I could be around people without interacting too much with others. Thats what I enjoy about buses, and because of where I live, there’s a deal with several of the businesses in the city for a deal on public transit for employees, so I dont have to load anything; the city just deals with it, and I just go about my business. I wanted to get words out, but I have them flowing. I found a comfortable spot (it’s on the floor, im getting some looks, but im comfy and in a corner so as not to bother anyone else) with a table and listened to American Gods by Neil Gaiman (the author prefered version- tenth anniversary with a full cast). It’s nice, but I may find a new spot; I have a few drafts here. 

I found a new spot with a surprisingly comfy wooden chair; I have a few thoughts that dont want to come through but will eventually. What is coming through is just to clear the fog thats been coming through, one part of the fog is a particular coworker who isn’t my favourite person in the world, but I want the best for her regardless. This specific coworker has issues respecting privacy and has no problems or shame reading over shoulders and sticking their nose in your business; the other day while on break, I was sitting minding my business reading a webcomic, and I didn’t notice her coming, but I realised she was there when she scrolled my screen back to look at the image and ask what style it was without asking or saying she was there. Im not one for confrontation, but that really bothered me because there’s no reason for it, and it’s none of her business what im reading or how im enjoying my break. I think im having lots of issues at work, mostly when she is there because she is so invasive while being rude and constantly complaining. I want to say she’s not hard to work with, but thats a lie; work tends to be tenser and like everyone is at their wit’s end but relaxes as soon as they leave. Now that being said, I dont know if everyone feels like this but thats the general vibe of the workplace during and after a shift with them in it.  

I think my annoyance is solely on the audacity people have to put their nose in someone else’s business without reading the other person/room. I never liked that; I never saw a point to its cause; If it’s something you were meant to be told, the person would have told you. Sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong is something I never understood, and I dont think I ever will. I keep an open mind to know why it’s so appealing, but I still can’t figure it out. I guess thats why I had so much stress and tightness in my shoulders the last two days because I felt so angry at someone just being so rude not to bother asking if im still reading and scrolling up from where I was reading, helping themselves to find what they wanted. At the same time, I gave her a look like what the fuck are you doing I did not say anything cause I was just so surprised at the audacity this person had.  

Anywho, im starting to get annoyed here, and I want to relax and enjoy my day off, so im off; I hope your day is lovely and a lovely surprise happens for you! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Me 


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