Thrift Finds and Avatar: The Way of Water Review

We had to run around and decided to run to a few thrift stores to find some plant shelves, and we found a few other things but no shelves yet. I found a few leggings and some books, which is always exciting; in one place, there was a sale for books where you buy four and get one free, and in the other store, it was soft cover books for 1.25 no matter the size. 

The books I found were; 

Devine Evil by Nora Roberts 

Public Secrets By Nora Roberts

Naked In Death By J.D. Robb

Mysterious By Nora Roberts 

FanGirl By Rainbow Rowell

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook By Dinah Bucholz 

I haven’t started reading them yet, but im excited to have these new finds in my collection now. 

We also decided to go to the movies and see Avatar: The Way Of Water; it is fantastic and worth every penny spent on it. The story picks up where it finished in the first movie and adds some much-loved characters. Kiri, Jake Sully, Neteyam and Spider were the characters that spoke to me the most, and I would go see it again in theatres. I loved the first one; it was a fantastically done movie, the second was phenomenal, and it’s making me hope there’s another to show the potential for Kiri and where they are going to go from there. 

Anywho, im off for the day; a nature hike is on the plans today. I hope your day is lovely! 

Till Next Time, 


Main Image by Magnolia_Kuo from Pixabay 


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