Bike Rides and Donuts

Bike rides are fun, the feeling of wind through the hair, feeling like you are flying and nothing can stop you. Learning how to ride can be a little tricky at the beginning, lots of learning curves and some bumps and bruises but the work shows when you take off and you don’t have to stop and think about what you’re doing.


I’ve never taught anyone but watching someone learn without training wheels for the first-time and just take off with little to no falling and a solid balance is such a proud moment. And seeing the look of pride on someone’s face is just awesome, cause you know they are absolutely going to remember and take so much joy from the experience (hopefully).


We spent the day in the city, we had breakfast on the road (a treat), saw some good people, I got to go do some window shopping while looking for something specific. The trip there was filled with Animal Crossing, giggles, snacks and some good music; the trip back is pretty quiet, I’m listening to music while writing this, Mint is listening to a book while Wee Man is having a little nap. While the shopping was happening Wee Man was playing, running and riding his bike, he’s doing really good on it and getting more confident as he goes. 

We got a basketball a little while ago and I’m thinking I’m going to take that out if not today, maybe tomorrow and play some basketball or try to, I haven’t played for a while but it was fun when I didn’t have to do it for school. I haven’t looked at my phone much today, I’ve answered a few people but it’s mostly been me being active with the people around me and taking what’s happening in front of me as it is (what i’m going to look back on one day). I’m not a huge fan of writing these on my phone but it works when the best I can do is either think of everything and hope to remember it later or be in a similar mood when writing it on a device later. 

I’m in a very thankful mood, everything isn’t perfect but I can see the work others are putting into the middle to make memories and give each of us something while taking care of themselves. It’s nice to see the healthy habits and to know regardless I will have the right people to help me if I need something. 

This post is basically a thank you to those who are in my life, whether it’s through the blog, people in my life (in person and long distance), and those found family that make life easier and more meaningful. 

That’s all I got today so,I’ll be off to listen to an audiobook while we’re going down the road here. I hope you are having a wonderful day, I hope good things come to all of you! 

Till Next Time,


Main image by Me


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