Music Makes The World Go Round

Music can say a lot about who you are as a person, it can show sides that you may not admit too or know you have. it can heal a soul when having a bad day or a mood that you need to keep off.

I constantly have music playing whether it was in my head (tune or lyrics), out loud via Spotify, the vast array of Google products that i seemed to collect over the past few years. It helps everyday activities go by quicker, bus routes seem shorter and walking on a cold morning goes by much faster.  It can influence moods, bring back memories, and make you feel like a child again.

Music can be a powerful motivator in major life changes, changes, movies, and help heal the wounds and scars that are hidden, and not quite healed over yet. It reaches everyone, everything, its a universal language that doesn’t need to be translated into feelings, emotions, and movements.

I have been obsessed with Meghan Trainor’s music in the last few days, before that I was listening to country music all day at work, on the way home, and at home. Country music makes me feel calm, happy and relaxed, it always does and I assume it always will. It makes cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, and cooking seem much more fun then some of it can be. The best thing about country music for me is the feeling of home I get when it comes on and it just makes me feel very happy because of it.

I have an eclectic (that’s a funny word that one) taste in music, it can range from 50’s swing, pop, metal, pop-punk, country, rock and roll, jazz, blues,r&b, and lately blues music has been on repeat, it’s quite the collection. I’ve been listening to acoustic hits, traditional country heroes, classic oldies, new country 2020, birds of prey soundtrack, Camila Cabello, Julia Michaels, this is fletcher, 5 Seconds of Summer and from fletcher. I feel like Spotify may think I have severe mood swings based on my music tastes alone hahaha. It varies enough that i am surprised by what comes on when im on shuffle, it’s a nice surprise every so often.

Im not honestly sure where to end this, i wanted to write this to get thoughts out, to be honest. I am curious about what you (the reader(s)) listen to, what makes you feel calm/chill and where/how you use to listen to your music (Spotify, google play, apple music etc.). Im always curious about what other people like and have saved to your library.





4 responses to “Music Makes The World Go Round”

  1. Music was a big part of my life back in the 70s and 80s. During that time I had my own country band and yet still enjoyed listening to the early rock legends of the time. Nostalgia seems to dominate my choices of music even today and I still mostly seek out and listen to those old songs of yesteryear.

    I especially like old concert footage from Youtube or wherever, as seeing the old clothing styles and familiar doo’s of the time seems to help complete my flashbacks. I guess at my age, music nostalgia is not rare but in me I find it particularly strong. Just me I guess?


    • I have a similar feeling with music, I can think back to early childhood by listening to 90’s/2000’s country and classic rock. It’s one of my favourite things about music, It connects everyone and affects everyone in some way.

      I find that it is similar in others, it brings back memories/stories that one may have forgotten about.

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