Moving Back To Your Hometown.

Its a strange yet not unwanted feeling of happiness and eerieness. Of knowing the area yet not really with new life being put into the place. It’s welcoming yet still holds the memories of what happened in the past.

It’s been about 2 months ago now that I’ve moved, it still feels weird in some ways adjusting to the smaller town way of life compared to the city (not as hard as i thought it would be tbh). Turns out I was still in a small town mindset in most ways in the city. I never jaywalked, never did anything illegal, followed all signs and such.

I was uncomfortable for quite a while in the city and was just getting comfortable going about myself and just doing my thing when life happened and I ended up moving back home. Moving back home is something I’m very happy with, it’s been a rollercoaster, a bit rough every now and then but im getting to a good spot.

I’ve seen many people that I haven’t seen in quite a while which is refreshing and lovely, im connecting with people from my childhood and im hopefully going to build up a circle of people I can get along with around here. With everything going on in the world it seems trivial building up a friend group but its going to be a slow process (I’m not extroverted by any means) but I’m excited to meet people or reintroduce myself to those who knew me ages ago.

This rambling post is all to say its not going to be as you think when moving back to a small town.

I hope Everyone reading this is having a lovely day/week!



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