My Latest Finds

Its been an interesting time so far so I figured I would find some books to keep my occupied and to have some fun! A local stripmall has a cute little book exchange and i found some little gems (and plan to donate to the exchange as well!), and using up giftcards/rewards from Indigo I got a nice little pile to read here.

I found some old favorites that I’ve read before but dont own, they are (from the bookexchange);

Some of the new to me reads are (from the book exchange and Indigo);

I’ve cracked open one of the books so far, its a great read and im looking forward to getting through the pile. What book/story/poem/game has been catching your eye lately? Something new? something old?

I hope everyones having a lovely day and staying safe! Till next time, Meg

Image via Pixabay – Image by Piyapong Saydaung from Pixabay 

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