My Secret Project

During the second wave, I started to crochet more; it was my way to cope and keep me focused. I’ve been crocheting/knitting for about 5-7 years (I can’t remember when I started). I found it to be quite a relaxing and useful skill!

When making this hat ^ (Various browns and orange mix, significantly fall colours) I realized I could make something that will bring a smile, warmth and keep me entertained. So Im starting slow with an Instagram and made a few hats for some of my favourite people. From there, i went to make a hat for a friend, and she and her kids love the hat! (im hopefully going to be making a few more!).

My first sale, it was a fun time and everyone loves it!

Theres a few ideas on what id like to do in the future bouncing around; as for right now, I’ve made some hats, and im working on a matching shoulder bag with embroidered patterns. Theres ideas bouncing around my head for future bundles and such further down, im quite excited to be sharing this with more then the few who already know.

This is another one of my hats (made for my sister), it was lots of fun to make and mix the two colours!

Here is how you can find me;

Instagram: madebymegeri

For questions on anything my email/dms are open!

I hope your all staying safe and having a lovely day!

Till next time,


Featured Image by xxolaxx from Pixabay 


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