Sad Music = Serotonin

Im not sure why this is however sad music tends to make me feel very happy and relaxed. I’ve known about this for a few years now but it still feels almost strange. I like to think im a happy person in general but i do have my moments where im just sad for absolutely no reason. 

Some of my favourite songs that are more ballads/sad/down are the following;

  • If the world was ending ~ JP Saxe and Julia Michaels
  • You were good to me ~ Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler 
  • I dont miss you ~ Carobae 
  • This City ~ Sam Fisher 
  • Favorite Part of me ~ Astrid S 
  • Someone you loved ~ Lewis Capaldi 
  • Falling like the Stars ~ James Arthur 
  • Be Alright ~ Dean Lewis 
  • You are the reason ~ Calum Scott 
  • A Bird without wings ~ Celtic Thunder 
  • Buachaille on Erine ~ Celtic Thunder 
  • Before you go ~ Lewis Capaldi 
  • I hate you, i love you ~ Gnash and Olivia O’Brian 
  • Wildest Dream ~ Duomo 
  • Willow ~ Taylor Swift 
  • When  you say nothing ~ Keith Whitley
  • Undrunk ~ Fletcher
  • ‘Tis the damn season ~ Taylor Swift 
  •  Nights like this ~ Khelani and Ty Dolla $ign
  • Sing me no sad songs ~ Elton John 
  • Cant help falling in love with you ~ Elvis Presley 
  • Slow Dance AJ Mitchel and Ava Max 
  • After you ~ Meghan Trainer and AJ Mitchel 
  • Put your head on my shoulder ~ Paul Anka 
  • Holy ~ King Princess 
  • One Too Many ~ Fletcher 
  • Godspeed ~ Frank Ocean 

There are more songs but these are what I’ve been listening to most in the last bit. Music is always playing in my head (and always will most likely) and I hope it won’t be something I lose, it makes everything more interesting (in a good way)!

What kind of music are you listening to in the last bit?What is the music helping you get through your days?

Till Next Time


Image by Firmbee from Pixabay 


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