My ADHD  has been a mild inconvenience, and I’ve worked out how to deal with and go about my day in the most functioning manner that I can.  

For me, I can go from focusing on the task at hand and then thinking something like, “oh, I should look up how to make it look like I have more freckles, I love them!” and can switch back to what I have everything planned to do in under four minutes (i did this less than one minute into typing this up). The cool thing about my brain is im able to listen to books, music, recordings or someone talking  (without needing me to comment) and im able to continue working on my task at hand. It’s not always perfect, but it works in my favour; on a bad day, not so much. 

Anywho in the last two years, it’s progressively gotten worse, and as chaos happened with the pandemic and uncertainty, it was just getting worse and worse. It’s at a point currently if I dont write things down or have someone remind me via text or another way, it gets forgotten until someone mentions it or im in the middle of something else, and it hits me out of nowhere. 

Its been a fun time working three days (im very thankful for the job) and figuring out my balance; I have it now where I can focus if im only in one area, so to speak of the duties I need to do, instead of focusing on 20 things I focus on the one and using headphones if they are necessary (when not open but finishing up paperwork, cleaning, the other little things) to help bring focus to where I need it to go.  

I sometimes curse my ADHD, but it does bring good things into my life. It brings my creativity out, im always finding out something new; life is never dull for me, haha. It may make me anxious about being late, forgetting things I shouldn’t, but it does have its little moments and brings me to where I needed to go where or not I realized it. 

I dont know where this post is going, so im going to end it here; I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and a fantastic week! 

Till Next Time, 



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