Blah Days

As I write this im sitting on the back deck on the screened-in porch looking out to the river, it’s a cool grey day that requires a sweater and maybe some cozy clothes. I have a cup of coffee near me, and im just sitting here, curled up writing and thinking.

Thinking of how the day started as a lovely sunny day, and now its well rather chilly compared to earlier today. It makes me think of blah days, days where it’s a day for cozy clothes, curling up with a book or a movie, if it rains, you can sit and just relax, maybe watch it rain outside. I love these days; these days are the ones that make one feel like it’s ok just to take it easy and be, for lack of a better word. I usually read or watch a movie if the internet is working in my favour.

There’s something almost fall-like on these days, where it’s the perfect weather for a nice bundled up cozy walk or sitting outside (if you can) crocheting while enjoying the sounds of nature, music or an audiobook. It brings a smile to my face knowing these days will come, and you will get to these days again when things maybe get chaotic, or changes are happening, letting what will come, come and do what you need to do to get through. These blah days may be looked back on, some may consider them self-care days, but they will always be looked back on with a smile and a good memory. 

Everyone needs these days; however that doesn’t mean to sit and read, write, watch movies; it can mean a day of working on a car, running errands, cleaning, cooking, anything that makes one relax and brings some joy or happiness to yourself. Thats also the pleasure of these days; they all look different and bring about a similar result. 

I hope this encourages whoever is reading this to do something that is relaxing and brings you some joy, whether thats gardening, going for a walk, reading, dancing, cooking, doing nothing, watch a movie. We all need this time just to be us and relax. I hope you have a relaxing time and a wonderful week!

Till Next Time,



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