I had a wee bit of an existential crisis one night before being able to fall asleep, and somehow it ended in me thinking of names. They are important in many ways, they are something people call you by, bring back part of your heritage, honour someone whos important in your life(s), and they can have many meanings.  Some people are born with names they may not like or identify with, and change it to something they enjoy for more. 

The next day I started thinking of names I would use if it comes into my life; it will be good to think of them now. So here are some of the names I thought would be cute for people/animals/ whichever you want. 

So in no particular order; 

Ada, Phylis, Emi, Gerald, Jackson, Leah, Dean, Emerson, Violet, Flora, Otto, Otis, Bert, Fletcher, Jules, Thaddeus, Mia, Vivian, Franny, Maggie/Margret, Joseph, Jacob, Eli, Elijah, Desha, Adelia, Alma, Arabella, Clara, Nora, Art, Edgar, Floyd, Phineas, Charlotte, Evie, Aiden, Issac, Lily, Ivy, Demi, Shelby, Nicole, Misha, Saoirse, Camdyn, Paden, Moira, Mathe, Mac, Poppy, Victoria, Jannie, Dwayne, Elenor, Hyacinth, Elizabeth, William, Liam, 

I dont like or wouldn’t want to use these names for various reasons, some are from people who were just rude and made a very prominent impression, some just dont sound right to me, and in the end, it’s to each their own. I imagine some of the names I think are cute are on someone’s let’s not use these names for anything list; I can fully understand it. Do you have any names you would/wouldn’t use? 

Anywho I hope everyone is being safe and enjoying some of the beautiful weather we are having! 

Till Next Time 



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