Rainy Day Painting Session

Today was a day for painting, and it turned out some pretty good pieces, most arent done yet, I will get back to them after a short break. 

So here is the first one, it needs some little things, and I may change the beach to something else, but for now, it’s the way it is. 

It matches the mood I’ve been in for the last bit and feels soothing to look at. You can hear the waves and imagine the feeling of the tide coming in and out on your feet. Feel the stones as you walk by the water. Smell the fresh sea air as you sit and revel in it. 

The second piece is, well im not sure entirely. I was inspired by thinking of the sunrises I used to see on my way to work when I was in the city. It has a cliff with a cottage and the outline of water. Im debating adding a dog or a rocking chair; I’m taking a break to make sure I know what I want on it. 

The third I did was a sunflower; I love them and wanted to add a bit of sunshine to the canvas to make it pop from the background. With fall weather hitting (it’s a beautiful time of the year), the sunflowers will be going away for a good while, so I thought a permanent one would bring some light and brightness on days it’s a bit dark and dreary. 

I tested out some colours, tones and techniques with this one, and it’s a pretty solid piece for one that I honestly didn’t know how it would match. This one is complete for now. IDK if I will add something to it at a later time. 

Some playlists that go good with these days are;  Chill love, Mellow Morning, Lofi Beats, Soft 10’s (all found on Spotify). Popping open a window and listening to rainfall outside (if you can) or finding a playlist of rainfall is something I highly recommend as well.

This week has felt very long and today was the perfect day to just relax and let the work and personal things go for a short bit. I’m off here now, I hope everyone is staying safe and having a lovely week! 

Till Next Time,


Main image by by bodobe from Pixabay  


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