Webcomics and Cozy Blankets

I have been in a big reading mood lately, but it’s been chiefly with webcomics, and some ebooks for the most part. I use three apps for them so far; they are Tapas, Webtoon and Manta. They have so many talented people sharing works on them, and it’s quite lovely to look at the artwork and the skills that went into creating these works.

 I didn’t get into webcomics till about two years ago; part of me just didn’t like them cause it wasn’t the same as a good paperback book, but then I saw this ad on Instagram, and I got hooked, so I downloaded webtoons first, and I haven’t looked back since. The story’s that got me hooked was Asuras Bride and Lore Olympus, they are both fantastic! The creator who made Asuras Bride has another comic out called Midnight Poppy Land, it’s fantastic!! 

Some of the webtoon stories in my library are;

Midnight Poppy Land


Eyes On Me

Adventures of God

Tori and Samuel

Socializing 101

Prince of Ovale

My Wierd Roommate

Da Fam Bam


Idiots Dont Catch Colds

Love Me Knot

Simply Micho

Change Your Path

Mage and Demon Queen

Shadow Bride

Mom, I’m Sorry


Bevs Bordom


What’s Up Beanie?

Blue Chair

Horns & Kisses

Live With Yourself

Everywhere & Nowhere

Big Small Spoon


My Gentle Giant

Cursed Princess Club

Nice To Meet You


Nobody Knew

I Adopted A Cat

Sparkling Lemonade


Chronicles of Us

Our Extraordinary Lives


Midnight Rain

On Manta Id recommend the following;

A Bookstore Romance

I’ll Save This Damned Family!

The Emperors Mask

Love Lies


Beau and The Beast

Under the Oak Tree

200% in Love.

On Tapas the following are some excellent stories to read if you’re interested;

His Barcode Tattoo

Comedown Machine

My Three Tyrant Brothers

Lord Have Mercy

Positively Yours

Princess in the Rough

I Married the Male Lead’s Dad



Cassandra Comics

Heavy Horns

Coffee O’Clock

Pepper & Mint

Extreme Dog Owner

Cheer Up

Emo Kid

Mondo Mango

The Pidgeon Gazette

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

A Business Proposal

Teddy & Bear

My Boyfriend is the Boogeyman?!

Bichi Mao

Dungeon Delves

Succulent Comics


Papa Ai

Two Sizes, too small

Some of the stories are free to read; some need points past a specific spot, but all are amazing if you are interested in checking them out.  And if you find any or use any of the apps above im always up for a new story/comic if you ever want to share what you’ve been reading!  

With that in mind, Do you as a reader prefer ebooks/webcomics to paperbacks and printed comics? Leave your answer in the comments below, or you can email me at adventureswithmegeri@gmail.com

Im off for the day! I hope everyone is staying safe and having a delightful day!

Till Next Time,


P.s All of the stories above go well with a cozy blanket and a cup of whatever you fancy!

Main Main Image by Дарья Яковлева from Pixabay


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