Hair Cuts and Football

Heads up: I’m watching the Packers game and having a not super focused brain day while writing this so it may be wordy/chaotic. 

Hair cuts can make you feel varying degrees of emotions. I recently decided to get my haircut in a way I’ve never had but wanted to try since I was about 22 or so. It’s a style thats been much more seen across platforms lately and it looks so dang cool and badass (here’s a link to the image I used as inspiration !), I have fine hair so I wasn’t sure if I should go for it because a fair amount of people said that it would be better for someone with thicker hair to cut this particular style. Im going back to get it shaved down a bit more once I can again cause I like the shape but went a bit higher with the buzz than I really should have. 

I’ve decided that in the last few years that my hair is really just something that will grow back no matter what you do and it’s not going to matter what you do as you can fix it or try a new cut/style till it gets healthy again to try. I got told that because I’ve done it so much myself (bleached and dyed) that it’s a small wonder I haven’t had my hair fall out. I think that person assumed that you leave the bleach on till your hair resembles the packaged noodles square and is brittle and very much over-processed. 

I would watch youtube videos on what not to do and the best way to go about it if you still wanted to go about it on your own, I still love watching them it’s entertaining and maybe a little inspiring? … it’s not the right word to describe it but I do love seeing the results and the work that was put in to try something and the end result. 

On the notes of football, the rules still confuse me but it’s entertaining watching people react to plays in slow motion from the sideline. My Gran is a Green Bay Packers fan and I have been watching football with her (when we can get it in) for a little over a year now and it’s always a learning experience. I played rugby briefly in high school and there are similarities but I dont actually remember anything for it except how to protect yourself should you get tackled (very important). 

With that im going to be off to watch the end of the game and play some animal crossing. I hope everyone is having a safe and delightful weekend and your upcoming week goes smoothly and you get a wonderful surprise! 

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Pexels from Pixabay 


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