J.D Robb and Thought Processes

I have loved this series for years. I dont remember exactly how I found the series but I do remember flipping through a binder with a list of authors you may like as well (Libraries are amazing!). I learned later that J.D Robb is a pseudonym for Nora Roberts and I love her books and writing style so it was the perfect book series for me. I started with the first book Naked in Death and I haven’t stopped since, there is a link to the full list of published and some to come out here.  

Im currently on Shadows In Death and I love how the characters are flowing in and you can read them out of order if you wanted but like I would recommend going by published date as you can see the growth and the bond between characters as it grows. 

When I read there are two moods that I have. My brain will either have a cartoon version of it playing (think 1980’s cartoons) or highlight and emphasize the words/letters that mean the most in the given sentence. I know some who have a running movie that goes as you follow the story, and I know some who dont have anything running through their head while reading. 

I love the differences in styles of reading and that everyone has a different way of processing and taking in information, sometimes it can be hard to understand how others can do certain things that may be your normal (like having a running commentary of what’s going on around you vs not having one) but its what makes everyone individual and unique. 

I like learning how others think/process information and how their thought process works. Mines all over the place and I find it difficult to explain to others who dont have one somewhat similar to mine cause it just sounds and is chaotic and well to borrow my dad’s (loving) phrase I sound a little crazy sometimes (part of my charm) haha. 

ADHD thoughts tend to be more chaotic from what I’ve learned and I hope everyone has a Timon on their side, my Timon has a running and ever updating dictionary and thesaurus on what im trying to say and what the expressions, random noises and hand motions mean. Something I do recommend is to treat your Timon to something they enjoy (in this case chips/popcorn and a movie/book) and say thank you for being in their life and letting them know that you are grateful to have met them, I dont think I do this enough I truly dont know what I would do if I didn’t have my Timon in my life and I hope they feel the same. 

Im running out of words and focus here so I think im going to end this here, this turned more rambly than intended so I hope it’s easy to understand.  Before I head off for the day, is there a particular learning/thought process you have that you find fascinating or confusing? 

I hope everyone’s having a lovely day and staying safe! 

Till Next Time,


Todays Playlist: Im writing an essay but make it fun on Spotify by grace._.scheckel 

Main Image by Deeezy on Pixabay


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