Some things I’ve learned and enjoyed in the last bit

So I’ve learned a few things this week or so. 

You can set multiple pictures as your lock screen (i have a Samsung, so Idk if it’s a thing on apple products). You have to do the following: Got to settings- Wallpaper-Gallery-Choose your pictures-choose the one you want to start with -hit set as lock screen. Every time you look at your lock screen it will change (I have mine set to Bang Chan and Stray Kids, I’m quite excited to change this up eventually)!

Headphones are a lifesaver for when I need to focus but dont want to get too stimulated/distracted. 

Rotate hobbies, it keeps them new and brings serotonin boosts each time you rotate them or try something new!

If you want to sleep in sleep in, no one can stop you and it can do you good sometimes (especially if you have sleep issues) you have to do things for your self or you will slowly fall apart.

Writing can really help to get things out that you may find hard to say or process. 

Some things I’ve been enjoying lately:

Stray Kids

Sailor Moon

Taylor Swifts New album (so damn good!)

Tate McRae

Spotify’s Cozy blend playlist

The Love Thesis by Ali Hazelwood

Romance books in general 

Crocheting (making Christmas gifts in advance)

Youtubers Charlotte Dobre, Rovers Makeover Dog Grooming and KallmeKris

CSI Miami, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: NY 

Secret Cat Forest – A cute cat game thats very soothing and slow

I dont have too much else to say so im going to head off and I hope that you are all having a delightful week and stay safe out there!

Till Next Time,


Main Image by Christine Sponchia from Pixabay 

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