Lantern Festivals, Family Time and First Aid Kits

Im the kind of person who finds enjoyment in spending time with myself and not talking to people, I’ve always been like that, and it makes me relish the moments im with my family more because I could probably go for a month without talking on the phone or leaving my house if I didn’t have too. So when I see family, it’s something thats going to stick with me and make me smile when thinking back on it. I spent the weekend at work for a short bit, then with my family to make lanterns, make some good food and hang out. 

My dad and his GF’s community did a cute little Lantern festival this year (I believe it will be a yearly thing now) where you walk through the town from one park to the other, have live music, food and drinks, lights and other little things to bring the community together. It was adorable, and it is something I want to experience again! Little kids were carrying some cute little lanterns, some with wings and lights, a cute person dressed as a mushroom complete with hat and structured skirt, umbrellas with lights, and so much more! It was a really creative and fun way to see a community come together and meet some of the folks nearby! 

Also, if you are slicing using a mandolin, use the guard they come with; I took a small part of my thumb off when I went to help cut some things for my dad. It was an experience I dont recommend for anyone (all is good, just an annoying thing now as I text using the affected spot). This is also a reminder to keep your first aid kit stocked and check it every so often to make sure it’s ready in case of a situation. 

I hope your week’s going well! 

Till Next Time, 


The main image is of two of the lanterns we made for the walk. 

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